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Carcasa transparente + Cordón Nature
  • Carcasa transparente + Cordón Nature
  • Carcasa transparente + Cordón Nature
  • Carcasa transparente + Cordón Nature
  • Carcasa transparente + Cordón Nature
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Mr&Mss Ropes transparent phone case with cord is the ideal to keep your hands free and to help you optimize your time and concentrate on important daily tasks. Mr&Mss Ropes will become Nº1 accessory mobile for 2020 and it will combine with your wardrobe and have timeless character. No matter If you feel like having a dinner or going out. Mr & Mss Ropes offers you lots of colours and shapes for every occasion. The cord is adjustable and you can use it in different ways: overhanging the shoulder, shoulder strap, or neck. Watch our video presentation to get ideas. We guarantee a quick access to your mobile, never miss a good photo, take quick notes or answer calls without having to search your bag. Do not forget your phone on the table of coffee shop. And better yet: do not pay more to fix the broken screens when your heart stops seeing your phone slowly fall into the abyss.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CORD: It is connected by golden star shaped carabiners to the transparent case. After many checks and settle between polypropylene and polyester materials, we have opted for the polyester. Although the raw material is more expensive, we cannot disappoint our ‘Ropes’ family. This material, from the Dacron brand, is known for its flexibility and strength, and is known primarily for its use in the sails of ships where its strength fights storms. The dacron cord is lightweight, and feels soft, perfect to wear near the skin.

Diameter: 1.5 mm caliber. Material: polyester Weight: 43 g Length 160 cm

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CASE: Made of transparent TPU plastic with new double fastened screw fasteners on its base to avoid breakage, golden color. The TPU gives the case lightness, flexibility and strength. Easy to remove from the mobile in case you want to clean it or change the case.

VERY IMPORTANT: This product is assembled by hand. We have chosen a functional and exclusive star or oval-shaped hitch, which opens and closes easily and allows our clients to change the ropes according to the day. We know that our products will be attractive to children, but be careful, as they contain small parts. And finally, check out all our colors, types of laces and, although it will be difficult to choose, blessed problem!


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